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Melissa Stock

Owner/Tattoo Artist

Hi there; Thanks for putting the time into researching your next tattoo. My name is Melissa (she/her) and Affirmation is my little sanctuary I've built. Let me tell you a little about myself to help you decide if you'd like to reach out.  

I'm originally from Chicago and started tattooing in 2009. I try to travel back as often as I can but Sacramento is primarily where I work. I moved here in 2018 with my  kiddos and our circus of animals. With all the changes the pandemic brought, I saw the need for a place that was not only clean but was willing to adjust.  I'm vaccinated and am happy to wear a mask or go over any policies with you beforehand to keep you comfortable.   Our studio is a safe place for any gender expression, orientation and race.  In such a divided world, I want you to know who you are contacting to potentially put permanent art on your body.
I opened Affirmation because every client has their own set of preferences that make them comfortable. Some prefer music, to watch a movie, need a quiet space, or like the windows open to watch to people watch (our neighborhood has plenty of cute dogs!). Whether you are a talker or need to focus, you being as comfortable as possible mentally and physically is very important to me.  
Booking with me does take time, but I try to keep my booking process as streamlined as possible.  My booking periods are every few months to ensure the wait is under 4 months to get tattooed.  I mainly focus on color realism but I love pop culture/cartoon tattoos as well.  I also work with scaring, and love helping disguise scars from surgeries or self-harm.  Tattoos can be a beautiful way to reclaim your body from something traumatic. Please look through the FAQ's for more specifics. 
If you got this far, thank you for taking the time. If the above aligns with what you are looking for I'd love to talk more and create something with you. 


Please note if no times are listed, booking is paused for the time being. 

Visit our FAQ page for information on everything from booking to skin-specific questions, appointment preparation to aftercare, then schedule a consultation below to get started.

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