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Alyshia Xiong

Tattoo Artist


Hello, I’m Alyshia, also known as Hlee, and I’m a newer Sacramento-based artist. I specialize in fine-line black and grey tattoos with a hint of color and pepper shading to bring depth into my pieces. My work draws inspiration from various realms, including anime, video games, nature, and the mystical allure of all things dark and witchy.


Outside the studio, I enjoy playing video games, collecting various oddities and Pokemon cards, drawing, and taking walks with my noodle horse (greyhound) rescue Majima.


I am always open to trying something new and creating something for each unique individual and I’d love to hear your ideas! Thank you so much for looking and I’m excited to work with you!

Please fill out the form below to book a tattoo appointment with Alyshia.

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