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Thanks so much for reaching out to inquire about a coverup tattoo.

However, they are not something I can accept at this time.

For my style of realism to work over an existing tattoo, things get very large and dark. Most people are attracted to my work’s light and bright color qualities. Cover ups are puzzles, and not something I can work with in my style unless they are very small. This does not mean that your tattoo couldn’t be covered by another artist. There is also always the option to have a few sessions of laser removal to lighten your existing tattoo. This would provide more options - design and application wise - for a future cover up piece.


I don’t mean to be discouraging, but I always aim to be as transparent as possible with something so personal as a tattoo. I really do appreciate you reaching out and I hope you are able to find the right artist for this piece. If you ever wanted to discuss other tattoo projects in the future that are not cover ups, please feel free to book a consultation by following the button below.

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